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Rental Application

To apply for a J. Brittain Associates property, please follow these steps:
1. Click the link at the top of the page that says ‘Rental Listings’
2. When the listings page appears, scroll through the listings until you find the property you are interested in
3. After you find the property you want to apply for, click the dark gray button that says ‘Apply Now’
4. From there, you will be instructed on how to fill out the application electronically

*You are NOT required to pay the application fee when submitting your application for the income pre-qualification. When this page appears on the electronic rental application, you may scroll to the bottom and click the ‘Skip Fee’ button to continue. 

*Please note, you will NOT need to fill out multiple applications if you are interested in multiple properties. One application will suffice for all the properties you are interested in as long as you income qualify. 

Lease Renewal Update Information Sheet

If you are a current tenant and you are wanting to renew your lease, please return this document to our office along with proof of your current income and a copy of your current renters insurance policy. Also, before we can finalize the lease renewal process, a walk-through inspection will need to be completed.

Intent To Vacate

If you are a current tenant and are looking to vacate your property, you will need to submit a written, 30-day intent to vacate to our office.

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